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Raytec started to manufacture gutter covers as a response to popular demand. Millions of feet of our product have been installed throughout the country. It is very easy to install and highly effective. Raytec Manufacturing was not one of the first manufacturers of gutter protection products, but we're the first to proclaim: No Exaggerated performance claims. Just a good, all-around gutter protection product to meet all REAL EXPECTATIONS!.


  • More holes per square inch than most others.
  • Easily notched and formed in the field for tight, custom fit to deter pests.
  • 5 or 6 inch
  • Available in Aluminum painted white, brown, or black, and un-painted mill finish.
  • Available in 12 oz copper
  • 48 inches long, or 10 ft long (10 in skid lots, LTL shipment only or customer pick up)

*No gutter protection product is 100% effective, 100% of time in 100% of all regions in the USA but for the real world with real expectations. Try REAL Gutter Cover by Raytec.

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